Tips for Knitting Alpaca Wool

Wednesday Oct 30, 2013


Alpaca wool is a natural textile fiber that comes from the animal named alpaca, that’s where it got its name actually. The wool of alpaca is distinctive because of its glossy, hair-like texture which results to a silky feel. Nonetheless, this wool is very durable, which is ideal for knitting. The following are some tips when knitting wool of alpaca:
Pick the right weight. Yarns that are made from the wool of alpaca vary in terms of its weight and different garments require a specific weight in order for it to be comfortable to wear. Knitters can choose from different weights such as Aran, double knit, two ply and four ply. Aran weight is ideal for making mittens and handbags while baby garments, cardigans and laces can be made by using two ply or four ply weights. Double knitting is recommended for most types of garments.
Be careful with the tension. This wool can be very delicate so knitters are advised to carefully observe their tension. Others tend to use smaller needles in order to achieve the right gauge in knitting. However, knitting this wool perfectly will still depend on the skills of the knitter.
Play with color. The best thing about this type of wool is that it naturally comes in many colors. The texture of the yarn may sometimes vary according to its hue. The natural colors of this wool include black, white, gray, brown, and cream. Knitters are encouraged to try different colors for different garments or patterns.
Use wooden needles. According to knitters, wooden needles work well with this type of wool. This is because wooden needles give knitters better control over the yarn during the knitting process. Nonetheless, knitters can still choose to use needles that are made from metal or synthetic materials.
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